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The Shadows of Pygmalion – Visual Novel Review

Originally released back in 2013, The Shadows of Pygmalion was localized and was made available in English during late Februrary 2017. I actually first found out about MangaGamer’s plans for the game back in June 2016, so I’ve been waiting for Pygmalion for over six months (and I’m sure many people have been anticipating this release for much longer). Was the game worth the wait?

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Catch Canvas – Visual Novel Review

Length: Short (1-3 hours)

Lewdness3/3 (Sex, But Not Yuri Sex)

Price9.99 USD

Not actually yuri. You can select your gender but it’s incredibly obvious that you’re a male since many references to the nature of your gentalia, as well as you being the only male, are made throughout the story. As such, choosing to be a female is actually meaningless.

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