Sometimes I write posts that don’t neatly fall under a specific feature or review. If I think they’re any good, I’ll be mentioning them here, I suppose.

6-14-2016: Saki: Match for 5th Predictions – I’m fairly proud with what I wrote here, but it’s definitely a post that only makes sense if you’re invested in Saklike me. I already got a few things wrong (and a few things right), but as of the writing of this paragraph (3-11-2017), we’re still only on the vanguard match. It’s been almost 9 months and we’ve only had this little progress…

12-12-2016: Miscommunication in Manga and Anime – this one is a bit more of a rant inspired by my frustrations with Flip Flappers. It also doubled as another chance to talk about Saki. Still, hopefully I didn’t come across as being stubborn?

12-31-2016: “I Want To Be Special” – Characters I Can’t Help But Relate To – this post served as a way to organize my thoughts before I talked about Girlish Number, really. However, I did genuinely want to talk about this little trend that I noticed, too.

1-14-2017: Three Lines Seen in Anime and Manga Which Piss Me Off: Ramblings About Heteronormativity in Japanese Media – again, this one was kind of like a rant. I tried writing in a more relaxed and casual tone, as well. The post itself was inspired by a short conversation between D and me when we talked about how tomboys (in anime) always seem to be pressured into becoming “more girly.” I kind of feel like I dumbed down the topics I talked about a bit too much in order to make the post bite-sized, though. Sorry.

2-5-2017: A Lack of Communication and Its Implications as Seen in “Yuri!!! on Ice” – OWLS Feburary Blog Tour | Flight – this one was for the OWLS Feburary Blog Tour! I had only finished Yuri!!! on Ice a week prior and was kind of struggling with an idea, so I revisited the concept of communication again. Jeez, it’s almost like I studied in communication in college since I won’t shut up about it, huh? Even though my social skills are next to nil and I actually studied economics… I liked how the post’s ending was universal, but the transition from the rest of the post to the closing paragraphs was awkward.

2-12-2017: Matsumi Kuro and the Difficulties of Waiting as Seen in “Saki Achiga-hen” – I always seem to want to talk about Saki, huh? This is all theory crafting and heavily influenced by confirmation bias, but I liked how this post turned out. Again, this was inspired by a conversation between D and me (thanks, Btoom!!). I tried briefly explaining mahjong, but I probably did a terrible job. Sorry once again.


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