Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 5 Review

This week we learn more about the fallen angel, YOHANE. Will she be the next member to join the School Idol club?
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Regalia – The Three Sacred Stars Episode 4 Review

Apparently this is the last episode before the series stops airing for the rest of the season. Supposedly they’re not happy with the quality of the show and will restart from episode 1 during Fall 2016. Sorry that this post is coming out so late, by the way. I’m just been so tired after work.

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Wednesday’s What About: Tsunderes

Last time I wrote a short article about insert songs. This time I would like to dive into the  character archetype, tsundere. Continue reading

Blog Situation (and Real Life Stuff)

Hey all, I kind of wanted to discuss my current situation and what it means for my blog.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to become a working man for the first time in my life (and my first lunch to celebrate this occasion is Lunchables, yay). This probably means that my episode synopses for New Game! and Regalia – The Three Sacred Stars will probably now be posted late Tuesday and late Thursday respectively since I’ll be busy until 4 pm Monday through Friday. My Love Live! Sunshine!! synopses should still come out in a timely fashion, though, since they come out on Saturdays.

The episode posts themselves, however, may also be trimmed down in the future. Giving the play-by-play takes up a lot of time, which is a resource that may prove scarce for me. Having the episode review posts be so long probably intimidates my readers, anyways, so it’s probably for the best. I’ll try to find something that works.

Lastly, I think I might try drawing fan-art and sharing the dismal results here since I seem to be falling into a very predictable blog schedule. Maybe I should start up a Pixiv or a Twitter for this, even though I still have a long way to go. At any rate, these drawing updates will probably be rather irregular (which contradicts the point I just brought up, wow). All of my crude drawings will feature yuri couples (mostly from Saki, but we will see).


zenno and kyouko.png

This is supposed to Suehara Kyouko being flustered by her role model, Coach Zenno

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and here’s to a great week!